Katelina ‘Gata’ Eccleston Is The First To Introduce These Concepts/Observations:

Popeton ’17

As seen on Twitter.

The vocabulary word used to describe the music genre created as a derivative of Regueton to appease to the Colombian market. Synonym for “Regueton Seco”

Perreo Galactico ’18

The vocabulary word used to describe that music from 2007-2011 infused moombathon, house, techno, edm and reggaeton.

BPM del Sexo = Derivados del Perreo’18

The differences between the derivatives of Perreo: Bellakeo, Guayeteo, Malianteo, Sandunguero is parallel to the BPM of Sex. The idea that the different movements of sexc correspond with the BPM of these genres and that it was intentional.

Reggaeton vs. Regueton ’19

As seen on Twitter and Perreo 101 Podcast

The idea that the music with that are more centric to Reggae & Dancehall come from Panamanians should be considered Reggaeton in contrary to musical traditions that is more inherently Puertorican including Bomba and even Rock influenced styles should be considered Regueton.

Oh this list is being updated. Stand By.